Automotive, Diesel & Industrial Turbochargers

We offer a full range of automotive, diesel and industrial turbocharger products for all your forced induction needs. From OEM rebuilds to performance turbochargers we have what you are looking for. We are not just another turbocharger rebuilder we are automotive enthusiasts that take pride in our work! We can guarantee all of our products are the highest quality, you will not find any cheap import products here!

  • We Rebuild All Turbochargers for Automotive, Diesel and Industrial
  • Precision Balancing and in-house machining for all your custom Turbocharger needs
  • 100’s of  Turbochargers in stock
  • All Turbocharger Replacement parts are made in USA/U.K



Xsboost Turbochargers Rebuilds Better Than OEM??? Yes. It is simple as the difference between mass manufacturing and precision hand built with tighter tolerances and more attention to detail. As technology & materials improve we are able to utilize these upgraded parts in our turbochargers as well.

Factory Turbochargers
Custom &
Hi Performance
Aftermarket Products