Turbo Rebuilding Services

Turbo Rebuilding Services

We rebuild all makes and models of turbochargers for Automotive, Diesel and Industrial applications.

The price for a standard rebuild starts at $375 (see additional information below).

A standard rebuild Includes All bearings, seals, (over sized rings & bearings if necessary) thrust components, O-rings & Balancing.

Replacement of turbine shaft on Automotive & TDI Turbochargers are standard.

We utilize both of our turbocharger balancing machines to balance individual components (compressor and turbine shaft) and  balance the complete rotating assembly or CHRA.

Heins TC-3 Balancing Machine

When it comes to servicing your turbocharger, including the cleaning process, at Xsboost Turbochargers, we believe in using the best and newest technology Equipment on the market. Utilizing the latest in ultrasonic technology your turbocharger is cleaned with 2000 watts of ultasonic sound waves able to penetrate and clean every oil port, thread and blind hole previous cleaning methods (chemicals and media blast) have not been unable to reach, clean properly or damage and remove material in the process. We guarantee your turbocharger will be as good as new when you receive your complete rebuild.

The first step in the rebuild process is a full inspection. If any of the rotating parts are found to be damaged, fatigued or unusable at this point, we will contact you and give you a full quote for repairing or replacing the parts. There is no upfront payment or deposit required, and you are not obligated to complete the rebuild after you have received a quote (if the rebuild will be much more extensive, or costly, than what you had planned, for example). We do not charge an inspection fee but if you wish not to proceed with the rebuild, shipping charges will apply to have the turbocharger returned to you.

Standard Automotive Turbo Rebuilds

(Includes a new replacement turbine shaft)


  • Garrett T3?s, T4?s, and most T3/T4?s – $375
  • Garrett T2, T25, and T28 – $375
  • Garrett GT12-GT25 (Journal Bearing) – $375
  • Garrett Ball Bearing GT28R,GT3071R…etc. $525
  • Ceramic Ball Bearing Upgrade – $575
  • Mitsubishi TD04 Series – $375
  • Mitsubishi TD05?s and TD06?s – $375
  • IHI Series Turbos – $375
  • KKK / Borg Warner K03, K04 – $375
  • KKK / Borg Warner K14-K16 – $375
  • KKK / Borg Warner K24-K29 – $425
  • Toyota CT9, CT12, CT20, and CT26 – $375

Standard Turbo Diesel Rebuilds

  • 7.3 Powerstroke – $400
  • 5.9 Cummins – $400
  • 6.7 Dodge HE351VGT- 650
  • 2003-2004.5 Powerstroke VGT Turbocharger – $450
  • 2004.5+ 6.0 Powerstroke VGT Turbocharger – $450
  • 6.6 Duramax Garrett VNT Turbocharger – $450
  • 6.6 Duramax LB7 IHI Turbocharger – $400
  • 6.5 Duramax GM 1-8 – $375

Standard TDI Turbo Rebuilds (VNT)

(Includes a new replacement turbine shaft)

  • GT Garrett Series (non-Ball Bearing) – $375
  • KP Borg Warner Series – $375
  • BV Borg Warner Series – $400