XS Boost Turbochargers

How It All Began…

In 1998 I bought my first turbocharged car – a 1997 Eclipse GS-T. After a year of tunning and upgrading, I decided to start selling used turbochargers to try to make a little extra money to purchase more performance parts. After only one year of selling used turbochargers, I found myself with a shelf full of turbochargers that were in “less than perfect shape”. So this is when my interest in rebuilding turbochargers began. Starting with the most familiar one – 95-99 Eclipse and slowly expanding my inventory. I was selling strictly on E-bay. Soon the orders started coming in much faster than I ever expected. I was shipping mostly out of state and surprising amount of overseas countries, including Norway, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, UK, Russia and many others.

XS Boost Turbochargers Staff (From Left to Right) Brett Kisner, Dave Hunt, Milena Hunt, Kirk Crowl

Within two years of my new part time rebuilding career, it was time to part ways with my day job. I had operated and repaired High-Speed Offset printing presses for 15 years. And now 5 years later, we have a full machine shop, 2 balancing Machines, a new building, 3 employees and enough equipment to rebuild any OEM or Custom-Build any turbocharger. All done here at XSboost Turbochargers!

Every day I am thankful to be able to be in the turbocharger World. Rarely does it feel like work when you are still infatuated with turbochargers and the engineering and technology behind them.

My thanks to All my customers, my wife who has supported and tolerated all the late nights at the shop and my Father who visited often just to sit and watch the business grow daily.


David Hunt